Worldwide mobile connectivity in an app.
DENT is only app you need to stay connected wherever you are, with worldwide mobile data connectivity and international calls.
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1.5h Video Streaming
25h Music Streaming
4h Instagram Usage
4.5h Video Streaming
75h Music Streaming
12h Instagram Usage
Medium Traveler
7.5h Video Streaming
125h Music Streaming
20h Instagram Usage
15h Video Streaming
250h Music Streaming
40h Instagram Usage
Global roaming is now here.
Sometimes stuff comes up.
Going on a trip abroad with friends or family can be so much fun, but making sure the trip goes well can be stressful. Flight delays, bad weather, or a plethora of other reasons can all result in needing to make last minute changes during your trip. Never let changes to your holiday plans ruin your trip again! When stuff comes up abroad, DENT’s eSIM mobile connectivity has you covered when you need it most.
26 million registered users.
DENT has been trusted by more than 26 million users to keep them connected to the ones they love the most.
What users say
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Just wow. I have no words. This is just the coolest app on my phone right now.
Playstore user
5 stars
UX is amazing, the execution of this gap in the market is high quality. I look forward to this becoming mainstream :)
Appstore user
5 stars
Game changer. Best thing to happen to data when traveling.
Appstore user
5 stars
I go hiking and was stranded without my phone. I now use a spare phone with DENT combined with AllTrails when I hike.
Playstore user
4.5 stars
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