How DENT eSIM works

If you need help setting up your eSIM or have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our support.
eSIM troubleshooting

In case your eSIM has not found a connection after some minutes, please try the following troubleshooting steps separately and give it some time after every change:

1. Ensure roaming is switched on in your settings.

2. Turn off Wifi, restart your Device.

3. Turn off LTE mode/ switch to 3G and restart your device. Turn back to LTE/ 4G.

4. Switch to manual network selection and try them one by one, restarting after each.

5. Check your APN and if it is set to global.telcoequity you may change it to plus.

If you have tried all of these steps individually and it doesn't resolve your issue, please reach out to Support. Let them know what steps you have already taken and mention the country you are currently in. 

In your email to Support please include a screenshot of your eSIM settings. 

What if I change my device?

No worries, in the case that you got a new phone, please make sure to remove your DENT eSIM profile from your old device first.

You can do this by going to your Settings App.

For Apple devices open "Cellular/ Mobile Data", select your DENT eSIM and tap on “Remove Data Plan”. 

For Google devices choose "Network & Internet", select "Advanced" and tap on "Erase eSIM".

For Samsung devices, please choose "Connections" => "SIM card manager", select your DENT eSIM and tap on "Remove".

Now you can log in on your new device and your DENT App will offer you the option to set up your DENT eSIM on the Data Plans dashboard.


In case you forgot to remove your DENT eSIM from your old device and don't have access to it any longer, please contact support.

Do I get a new mobile number?

No, DENT is a mobile data service. We think that all you need for today's communication is mobile data: You can use any app for calls, and if you want, you can keep your primary phone number for calls and SMS, and run all your data through the DENT eSIM.

Can I use 2 SIMs at the same time?

Many phones, e.g. Apple iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung S20, support Dual SIM. This allows you to have your physical SIM and your eSIM active at the same time.

Please check whether your phone settings and software versions support "Dual SIM Standby".

What are DENT Kickback Rewards?

We at DENT value our users and wanted to give back to them.

Therefore we created Kickback Rewards - a cash back system for DENT eSIM Data.
With every 500MB used you will now get back DENTs. The amount of DENTs depends mainly on the country you are in. 

Kickback Rewards will show as cards on your Earn section. Once 500MB of eligible data has been used the card becomes active and the reward can be claimed. Please note that there is only a limited time to claim your reward.

Bonus data does not qualify for Kickback Rewards.

Network Location Feature

From version 4.3.1 the DENT App includes the awesome new Network Location Feature. If you currently cannot see this feature in your app, please take the following steps in order to get your device up to date.


1. Make sure you are connected to DENT's wireless network.

If you have installed your eSIM, and have connected to the internet using DENT’s 4G/LTE network already, then you are able to access this feature. If you are unable to see the Network Location feature on the Data tab in the app even if you are connected to our network, then please follow the steps in section 2.


2. Step-by-step guide to activate Network Location feature:


Step 1:

On iOS:

Under the “Cellular Plans” or “Data Plans” section in your phone's settings, please select your DENT eSIM and then "Cellular Data Network" or “Mobile Data Network”.

On this page, please update the address of the APN field for "Mobile Data" or "Cellular Data" to “global.telcoequity”


On Android: 

Navigate to Settings -> "Connections" -> “Mobile networks” -> “Access Point Names” -> "Add".

On this screen, please set the Name to "DENT New APN".

Set APN to "global.telcoequity".

Set APN Type to "default".

Set APN protocol and roaming protocol to "IPv4".‍ 

When finished, click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, and select "Save".

Select "DENT New APN" and then return to the main Settings menu.

Step 2:

Turn on "Flight Mode" on your phone for 1 minute, and then turn "Flight Mode" off again.

Step 3:

Test your internet connection by using Google Search in your phone's web browser.

Step 4:

If there is still no connection, please wait up to 10-15 minutes and try to connect again.


3. DENT Data FAQs

If your device still is not connecting after following the steps above, please check out our DENT Data FAQs here:

Go to FAQ 


Still can't access this feature?Please let our support team know if you still cannot access this feature or have lost connection to DENT's mobile network entirely and the team will follow up with you shortly. Just use the possibility to Submit a request on top of this page. 


How can I use DENT Data on iOS?

It has never been easier to set up a SIM. On your eSIM capable device: open the DENT App and navigate to the Data tab on the left bottom. If you have a data package you will be presented with a button to set up your eSIM. Easy as 1-2-3.

If you are facing problems you can contact Support and ask for a QR code as well. 

Please make sure that you have "Data Roaming" enabled and select DENT for "Mobile Data" in the Settings app.

You will see your active and inactive Data Packages on your dashboard.

eSIM referrals

Get free data for you and your friends by inviting them to use the DENT eSIM.
If your country is part of the current referral campaign the referral option will be visible on the Data tab. Each user can receive up to 10 referral bonuses.
Please note that referrals run as limited campaigns. Once a campaign has ended a new one may open up again in the future.

What is DENT Data?

We at DENT are on a mission to liberate mobile data and have the solution right here! In addition to your physical SIM card from your home provider, you can get a digital DENT SIM card (eSIM - embedded SIM) for your next vacation or business travels and add the Data Package that suits you best. 

This means that DENT is now your Mobile Data Operator!

So next time you travel Overseas you don’t need to stand in line at an airport store and have someone you don’t know or trust handle your device. You can set up your DENT eSIM before you leave home or when you get to your destination.

And the best of all: no more separate country plans for each country you visit. Our Data Packages are valid for ALL our supported countries. (Find a list of all 81 currently supported countries here.)

Of course, DENT also works in your own country, if that country is supported.

Who can use DENT Data?

International Data is available via eSIM. So if your phone is eSIM capable you can get started. You can find a current list of supported eSIM devices here. 
Also make sure that your device is not SIM locked by your reseller. 
Please note: for Data to work you need to activate data roaming in your phone preferences.

If you bought your iPhone in China mainland, Hong Kong or Macao please read the special notes from Apple here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209044


How to get a DENT eSIM or DENT Data?

Getting new data has never been easier! Just tap on the Data icon at the bottom menu choice then select “Add Data Package”. Select the size that suits you most and head over to the summary where you can choose your payment method. After payment, please follow the setup process described in your DENT App and you are ready to go. This may take some minutes, depending on your location and coverage. After installing the DENT eSIM, you will find your active and inactive Data Packages on the Data dashboard. 

What Android permissions and system preferences are needed for Data Plans to work?

In order for your eSIM to be installed, you will need to grant the DENT App phone permission and activate roaming on your eSIM. If you haven’t done so already the DENT App will guide you through during the installation process. 

What if I need more data?

Just use your DENTs to buy more in the DENT App! If you find yourself in need of more data than what your initial plan came with, you can just tap on the “Add” button and top up your plan. 

Do my DENT Data Plans expire?

Great news: Instead of 7 or 14 days validity as many competitors are offering, we give you a full year (365 days)! So if you don’t use up your data while traveling the world, you can just keep the plan and use it for your next trip! 
We also offer 30 day packages or you can check the Marketplace for deals with a reduced validity. 

Why did my eSIM setup fail?

The most likely reason for failure during your eSIM profile setup is that your phone is actually SIM locked. Please find out from your vendor if you can use any SIM with your phone. If you are certain that your phone has no restrictions, please contact our Support.

On iPhones you can check if your device is SIM locked following these steps:

Open Settings -> General -> About -> scroll down until you find: Network Provider Lock 
Here you will see if your device has SIM restrictions.